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All Good Original Presents: Good + Original. This series features insightful conversations with people from all walks of life. In this interview, we simply identify what makes a person good & original, through the eyes & heart of Demrick.

Demrick | Photo Credit: @OzzyShoots

“What makes a person good.. Is someone who sticks true to their word, to the best of their ability. A stand up person, someone who's not plotting against you.” 

Demrick strives to live a life full of happiness. A lyricist at his core, his rhymes are a reflection of the life he’s built for himself. Since 2005 the evolution of Demerick Ferm, better known as Demrick, has gained the respect of some of hip-hop’s elite. 

In fact, Kurupt along with Xzibit & B-Real would go on to become mentors to the artist. 

B-Real, Demrick & Xzibit aka Serial Killers

“As long as your intentions are pure that’s what I consider a good person.“

Throughout his career, Demrick has collaborated with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Busta Rhymes, Crooked I, and more. And in 2013 Demrick, along with Xzibit & B-Real formed the supergroup ‘Serial Killers’ releasing projects like “Summer of Sam”, “Day of the Dead” and more. 

Releasing 20+ projects (solo and collab) Demrick has continued to develop his art, as you could hear throughout his “Stoney Point” projects w/ DJ Hoppa, “Collect Call”, “Blessing on the Way” w/ Tony Choc, “Payday”, “Gas Chamber” to name a few.

In his song “Blessings On The Way” Produced by Tony Choc (featuring Dizzy Wright and Beanz) Demrick says:

“Gotta stay out your feelings if they in your bag. I think that that’s the best advice I’ve ever had.”

Still true till this date. That advice has stood the yes of time.

“Yeah. I think if you stay focused on the mission that is how you get the results.  If you get in your feelings they're going to work against your end goal. ‘Your bag’ is an analogy to stay the course no matter what happens.“

Demrick & Tony Choc creating "Blessings On The Way"

Demrick has continued to stay focused on that mission. Not only is he an artist that puts out consistent and quality music, but continues to push the boundaries of originality. 

“To me, what makes a person original.. is just being authentic to yourself. You can be inspired by other things but being authentic to yourself is what I consider being original.”

These days we’re living in a world where people are more concerned with likes, follows and attention. Because of this we’re quick to actually put some thought into creating something authentic. What inspires us, ends up getting copied, which feels like a lack of originality.

Personally, my happiness is fueled by many things, originality being one of them. And Demrick stays true to this. Demrick has been able to build a life for himself that many artists would dream of. But what actually makes Demrick happy?

“My family & my friends. Seeing what I’m building grow. And most importantly enjoying this life.”

“I’m passionate about cannabis and legalization. I'm passionate about looking out for me and mine. Taking care of my loved ones. Passionate about life.”

With new music consistently dropping, Demrick just released his new song “Do It Again” (Prod. by Reezy X Mike & Keys)

This spring you could also see Demrick live as he’ll be on the “It Gets Greater Later” tour (with Dizzy Wright Jarren Benton, and Reezy). The tour kicks off March 30th 2023 in Los Angeles, CA. You can purchase tickets here!



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