Cormega | Good + Original Exclusive Interview

All Good Original Presents: Good + Original. This series features insightful conversations with people from all walks of life. In this interview, we simply identify what makes a person good & original, through the eyes & heart of Cormega.

“What makes a person good, is their heart & intention on how they treat others. When no one else is watching, when others are not in their presence, how they speak of others and their compassion towards others, makes them a good person.” - Cormega

A legendary artist and one of Hip-Hop's most thought-provoking lyricists, Cormega, first attained notoriety when Nas shouted him out on his song “One Love” (from the 1994 critically acclaimed album Illmatic). While Mega was in prison at the time of the albums release, the mentioned created a buzz for him and high anticipation for his debut album, “The Realness”

Fast forward twenty one years after the release of his debut album, Cormega drops its sequel “The Realness II”

“The Realness II”  features collaborations with Lloyd Banks, Havoc and God's Son himself, Nas. Standout tracks like “Life and Rhymes”, “The Saga Resumes”, “This Life of Ours”, “Glorious” (feat. Nas) and the album's first single “Paradise” featuring Havoc of The Infamous Mobb Deep.

“A person is original when a person does things that are really real. An original person doesn’t like to chase, instead they are big on uniqueness. An original, is a person that would rather leave his own footprints in the sand, then follow the wave.” - Cormega

Realness & originality is something that relates to Cormega. He’s never been the type of artist to sound or construct lyrics like the latest trend, he’s always kept it Cormega

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Cormega - "Life And Rhymes" (Official Music Video)

Cormega shares a modern day view on some of his infamous Queensbridge haunts in the visual for "Life And Rhymes", which he co-directed with director and cinematographer Kenneth Sousie. This song was produced by Large Professor, and appears on Cormega's album The Realness II.

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